EQASRM had it's beginnings in Australia as a pilot scheme in 1997. Established by Dr Phillip Matson with guidance from the Fertility Society of Australia, it was the first program of its kind in this country, specifically designed for IVF units and pathology laboratories performing fertility related tests.

Although, at the time, only a handful of IVF and andrology units participated it was well received by all. Slowly it has expanded and we now provide an international service with over 300 participating laboratories including over 60 units based overseas. EQASRM is now run by a committed and experienced team set on providing an invaluable service to laboratories in this field. Our staff include highly skilled scientists with extensive experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine and a dedicated IT team.

EQASRM believes that in order for labs to receive maximum benefit from the use of an External QAP, the samples themselves must appear “true to life”. That is why we supply “real” samples wherever possible and high quality digital samples when “live” sample shipping is not appropriate.

Our internet site allows you to register, submit results, download current and past summaries and view the footage for our digital schemes. Enrol in one or more of our 14 schemes and use them to monitor and compare your laboratories performance on a world wide scale.

You can also incorporate our schemes into your own Internal QC and staff training protocols and keep our sperm / embryo DVD’s or videos and stained morphology slides as training tools. As of June 2012, EQASRM introduced an Internal Quality Control Module.  This module can be used for all of the andrology and embryology based schemes. It has been designed so that your lab can use the receipt of our EQA samples as a prompt to perform your IQC exercise. Each staff member can assess the EQA samples, create their own ID within the module and enter their results online. The module creates an IQC control chart for your lab's results such that results lying outside acceptable limits can be identified and appropriate corrective action taken. Accrediting bodies and regulatory authorities require evidence that labs have effective and regular IQC protocols in place.

Uncertainty of Measurement (MU)

EQASRM, with the assistance of NATA, has created our 'Uncertainty of Measurement (MU)' module.  Members can use this section to gain an understanding of MU and its relevance and application to semen analysis parameters. An 'MU Calculator' allows members to use their own in-house QC data together with their EQA bias results to estimate their laboratory's MU values for each semen analysis parameter. This addition to our website will be a valuable tool for labs in the completion of their accreditation requirements and as part of a sound quality management system.

Find out more and let us help you monitor and improve your performance and maintain a high standard of service to your patients.

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The Team

Emily Zuvela BSc

Emily is Managing Director of EQASRM. Emily graduated with a Science degree form the University of Western Australia in 1994. Emily has over 25 years experience in all fields of Reproductive Medicine. She is a qualified Embryologist having worked at several IVF units in Australia and overseas. She has extensive experience in all aspects of IVF and Andrology laboratory procedures and how to implement and maintain a sound Quality Management System. Emily has authored and co-authored several published articles. Emily is also the Laboratory Manager at Fertility Specialists of WA.

Emily is a member of SIRT (Scientists in Reproductive Technology) and the FSA (Fertility Society of Australia).

Dr Phillip Matson

Phillip Matson received education in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. Dr. Matson obtained his B.S. degree (Hons) and his Ph.D. degree from the University of London before undertaking a postdoctoral post in Australia with Dr. John Yovich at the Pivet Medical Centre. Returning to the UK, he was the Scientific Director at the Regional IVF Unit at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester and Manchester Fertility Services, enjoying a productive time with his colleague Dr. Brian Lieberman. During that time he became the first NHS "C" grade IVF Scientist, supervised M.S. and Ph.D. students, established the UKNEQAS semen analysis EQA scheme, and was the Founding Chairman of the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE). After moving back to Australia, he was the Scientific Director and Cofounder of the Hollywood Fertility Centre and started the Australian external quality assurance schemes for reproductive medicine (EQASRM). After leaving human IVF for 5 years to set up the Reproductive Biology Unit at the Perth Zoo, he returned briefly to the Hollywood Fertility Centre and was the Scientific Director at Fertility North in the Perth northern suburbs until 2017. Dr. Matson also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Edith Cowan University.

Dennis Zuvela CNE MCP CCA

Dennis is a Director of EQASRM. Dennis is also the IT Manager of Aquila Resources. He graduated from CPTI in 1993 with a Associate Dip in Business Programming. Dennis has over 25 years IT management experience in various industries including mining, banking, legal and pharmaceutical.