We offer 14 schemes relevant to the field of reproductive medicine. Laboratories enrol in the schemes relevant to their unit. 4 samples for each scheme are sent quarterly, per financial year.

Labs joining mid-way through a financial year will only pay pro-rata rates for schemes, but will incur the full registration fee.

Australian Laboratories New Zealand Laboratories Overseas Laboratories
Registration & Schemes Annual Fee $AUD (incl. GST) Annual Fee $AUD Annual Fee $AUD
  • Individual Labs
  • Part of a Group of Labs



Antimullerian hormone testing $253 $230 $230
Blastocyst grading $154 $140 $140
Cytotoxicity testing $220 $200 $200
Direct antisperm antibody assessment (footage) $264 $240 $240
Embryo grading $165 $150 $150
Embryo time-lapse $275 $250 $250
Halosperm $253 $230 $230
Indirect antisperm antibody testing (serum) $253 $230 $230
Oestradiol biochemistry $253 $230 $230
Sperm concentration $286 $260 $260
Sperm morphology $220 $200 $200
Sperm motility $308 $280 $280
Sperm vitality $264 $240 $240
Sperm-hyaluronan assay $253 $230 $230

Registration Fees

Registration fees are compulsory and cover administration and postage & handling. Discounts are applied to labs that are part of a group of labs.

We do not wish to send samples to central laboratories for further distribution to allied laboratories as this will inevitably mean delays and possible sample deterioration. The sending of samples to participating laboratories directly still means that shipping costs are incurred and hence the need for registration fees.

Sperm & Embryo Footage (Media Format)

Labs can select which format they would like to receive Sperm Motility and/or Embryo Footage on. DVD’s are available for playback on dvd players or pc’s with dvd drives. VCD’s are available in either Windows or Mac format.

Any questions before you register?

If you have any questions about EQASRM or the signup process please contact us.